RHSI is committed to sharing the knowledge we curate in order for everyone to meet their fullest potential.

As such, we offer customized workshops and events for C-Suites to Universities.


RHSI teaches networking skills to undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students through round table discussions, helping them to be more attractive to future employers. We also work with organizations to train staff on business development and coach groups of employees on networking techniques to help build business and drive profits. Each of our events is custom tailored to meet the needs of the groups with whom we are working. We also host networking events that allow individuals to practice their networking techniques and learn new skills. Given that many networking events revolve around food, all of our workshops and events involve a culinary twist. Click here for details about some of our more popular workshop offerings.



RHSI works with organizations from start-ups to INGOs to increase their bottom line through research-supported culture improvement strategies. These strategies fall into two areas: inclusion and diversity enhancement, and wellness initiatives. Our team is equipped to partner with organizations to assess their strengths and needs, develop a strategic plan, and monitor,  evaluate and report upon results.



RHSI teaches the science of luck to individuals and groups through workshops and bootcamps customized to address the needs and interests of the student.